BORN Adjusts Timeline for Mandated Training

As part of the 2014 “Act Relative to Domestic Violence,” DPH was tasked with creating domestic and sexual violence training for professionals receiving licenses from various boards, such as the Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN).

Recently BORN sent out a notice informing nurses that an e-learning tool that will be housed on its DPH’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Integration Initiatives web page is not yet up and running. Therefore BORN will not hold a nurse responsible for the required training until it is available. After the training information is posted on BORN’s website, nurses who have not yet renewed in 2018 will have an additional six months to complete the training. Nurses who have renewed prior to the posting must complete the training prior to their next renewal. A nurse participating in a currently approved in-person training program will be considered to have met the requirement and does not need to take the online course by DPH.

MHA will assist BORN distribute notice to hospitals once the e-learning tool is functional.