DeLeo Indicates House Healthcare Reform Bill Due This Month

The State House News last week quoted House Speaker Bob DeLeo as saying he expects a House healthcare cost-control bill on the floor by the end of June.

The Senate passed its sweeping reform bill last November but the House effort was slowed with the untimely passing of House Health Care Financing Committee Chairman Peter Kocot in February.

Last year’s Senate proposal contained a benchmark for commercial hospital spending far below the existing statewide total healthcare spending benchmark of 3.1%. MHA said at the time that separating out hospital spending when hospitals have been driven to coordinate intertwined healthcare entities encompassing all parts of the healthcare system appeared to run counter to the state’s own “global payment” or “accountable care” models based on total medical expense.

Speaking broadly about the potential House bill, DeLeo said he wanted it to provide “for the most neediest amongst us in terms of healthcare while at the same time making sure that we take a look at our community hospitals, our health centers and the healthcare system in general as one of the major economic drivers we have in the state."