House Passes Bill Banning Conversion Therapy

The Massachusetts House last Wednesday passed a bill (H4664) that would prevent licensed healthcare providers from engaging in “conversion therapy” – that is, attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity – with anyone under age 18.

Such conversion therapy has been medically debunked and is based on the theory that individuals that don’t conform to heterosexuality or specific genders need to be “cured.” Advocates of the bill, which passed 137 to 14, said it is needed to protect vulnerable youth grappling with their sexuality and gender identity. MHA supported the efforts to ban conversion therapy.

“When you boil it down to its essence, this bill is about helping kids here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, doing right by our kids here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and ending fraudulent, debunked and out-of-date medical practices,” said Rep. Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown).