Caring for the Caregiver Update

Over the past year, MHA has worked with its members across the commonwealth to address issues of workplace safety and wellbeing. Part of this effort has involved the creation of MHA’s Promoting Employee Wellbeing Committee, and launch of the “Caring for the Caregiver” initiative.

With its mission to acknowledge the valued contributions of hospital staff and support them with resources to enhance the safety of their work environment and well-being, the “Caring for the Caregiver” initiative is focusing on three areas:

Employee Recognition & Gratitude
Workplace Safety
Employee Wellbeing

Now, throughout the Massachusetts hospital community, efforts are proceeding – in various stages – to create programs to advance these three core pillars. Members and key stakeholders have contributed to the unveiling of a new webpage on MHA’s PatientCareLink website featuring resources, step-by-step guides, and best-practices that are now underway. For example, the site contains samples of employee recognition and award programs, resources to prevent violence in the workplace and models for workplace wellness programs to promote employee wellbeing. Please visit the Caring for the Caregiver site often to view the accumulating resources and gain ideas and inspiration for your organization.