During Patient Safety Week, Patient Safety Takes Many Forms

This week, March 10 through 16 is Patient Safety Awareness Week. Patient safety takes many forms but in the healthcare field, it’s defined as reducing harm. In just the past few months, Massachusetts hospitals have improved safety by instituting best practices, compiled by an expert panel, relating to care provided to patients with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Hospitals are embracing “caring for the caregiver” strategies to show gratitude to workers while protecting their safety and wellbeing, as having a healthy and grounded workforce improves patient safety. Massachusetts hospitals are proud of their tireless efforts to help end the scourge of opioids. An expert panel that MHA assembled developed guidelines to assist acute care hospitals in implementing a Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) program in their emergency departments or satellite emergency facilities. MHA, in collaboration with the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians, developed guidelines on Substance Use Disorder Evaluations. And right now, separate groups of Massachusetts hospitals are working to address specific patient safety areas in a coordinated effort to reduce harm, readmissions, and infections.