Medical Errors Prevention Coalition Seeking Presentations

The Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors is seeking proposals for presentation at its April 29, 2020, Forum at the Doubletree in Westborough. This program will include a focus on organizational strategies that accelerate improvement on all goals, not only patient safety, but also efficiency, patient experience, quality outcomes, and clinician and staff satisfaction and engagement.
The Coalition is particularly interested in presentations related to strategies that accelerate improvements in safety and other organizational goals, and that build improvement into daily work, including:
• organizational learning systems, that engage clinicians and staff in seeing and solving problems/reducing frustrations/improving processes;
• patient and family engagement strategies;
• leadership approaches;
• improvement and safety culture (including reducing staff burnout/enhancing engagement; and building teamwork and communication);
• win/win initiatives that produced substantial improvements, such as saving staff time while improving care, improving EMR usability and safety, etc.; and 
• improvements in reducing diagnostic errors; care transitions/handoffs; health information technology; and settings other than inpatient.
If you are interested in presenting your work during the 2020 Forum, please prepare a summary using this form and e-mail it to the Coalition’s Amelia DeFelice at adefelice@macoalition.org by Monday, November 18. (If you are planning on submitting a proposal, please let Amelia know as soon as possible, and include the topic, to assist the Coalition in its planning.)