A Chance to Comment on Duplicative Healthcare Measures

MHA is encouraging its membership to weigh in on recommendations for possible changes to the 2021 state Aligned Measure Set. The current 2020 measure set was developed for voluntary payer and provider adoption in global budget-based risk contracts, including commercial and MassHealth accountable care organization (ACO) agreements. 
Massachusetts created the Quality Alignment Taskforce in 2017 to help simplify the massive burden providers face in reporting measures. The taskforce is currently conducting the annual review of the measure set. As ACOs and hospitals currently face required measures through the MassHealth program, commercial payers, as well as federal entities such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, ensuring alignment and reduction in duplication is important. A 2016 MHA survey of members found that providers spend an estimated $67 million annually on quality measurement and reporting.
The taskforce, on which MHA has a seat, has been able to identify and inform the 2020 measure set, but further alignment is possible. Last week the state asked interested parties to submit written recommendations for changes to the next Aligned Measure Set in 2021. The deadline for submissions to Quality.Alignment@MassMail.State.MA.US is February 10.