It’s Now Covid-19, and the Risk in Mass. Remains “Low”

DPH reports that the risk of the novel coronavirus – newly named Covid-19 last week by the World Health Organization – is still low in Massachusetts. 
The greatest concern in the state is the potential shortage of N95 respirators that healthcare workers use as part of their infection control efforts. DPH notes there have been isolated reports of N95 shortages and urged facilities to assess their supplies and follow the CDC’s strategies for optimizing the supply of them. If supply concerns remain after internal reviews and undertaking the CDC strategies, then DPH has developed a process whereby facilities first work with regional Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions, which will, if necessary, forward the concern to DPH.
The most up-to-date Covid-19 information, including the latest guidance on healthcare personnel exposure to the virus, is available at CDC’s website and at DPH’s.