Statement from Lynn Nicholas, Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association President & CEO, on AG Maura Healey joining CSR lawsuit against the Trump administration 

October 13, 2017
“The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) and our member institutions and care providers strongly support and applaud Attorney General Healey’s legal challenge to the Trump Administration’s attempt to discontinue federal cost-sharing reduction payments for health insurance.

Ending the cost-sharing payments would be particularly disruptive to the Massachusetts healthcare system. The commonwealth has been structuring the upcoming 2018 open enrollment offerings  - now just weeks away - based on some $146 million in previously agreed-to federal support. The declaration that federal subsidies will cease “immediately” means millions of low-income Americans, including some 80,000 Massachusetts residents, could find themselves unable to afford their health insurance practically overnight. This action will destabilize insurance markets, jeopardize coverage, and likely force an increase in the cost of insurance for everyone.

In raising a challenge to this misguided effort by President Trump, Attorney General Healey is taking an important step on behalf of Massachusetts residents.  MHA stands proudly with AG Healey and her colleague attorneys general in California, Connecticut, Kentucky and elsewhere in the US in their upstanding effort to protect access to high quality affordable healthcare in our commonwealth and across the country.”